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Pecorino Brut 


You shouldn't need a special occasion to enjoy great sparkling wine, just ask the Italians. In Italy, sparkling wine is drank throughout the day, virtually every day. These 100% Pecorino grapes are hand-selected from some of the most well known vineyards in the Teramo province of Abruzzo, Italy. Enjoy this wine as an aperitivo, with your meal, for a special occasion, or simply on its own especially on a warm summer day.


Passerina Brut


Tired of Prosecco? Wishing for a sparkling wine with more character and complexity than Prosecco at a comparable price point? If so, this is definitely the wine for you. Made from 100% hand-selected Passerina from Abruzzo, Vecla is a dry, sparkling wine with less body than Pecorino but more crispness. Vecla is the perfect aperitivo wine and also pairs very nicely with cured meats, light cheeses, and seafood. 


Rosato (Rosé) Sparkling Brut


Versatile. If there is one word to describe this dry sparkling wine made with 100% hand-selected native Montepulciano grapes, this would be it. It would be difficult to find a better wine for a hot summer day than Dirce, but the backbone of Montepulciano gives it the unique ability to also stand up to hearty meal in the middle of winter. You will have a hard time thinking of an occasion or meal that couldn't be improved with this wine. 

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