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Cantina Strappelli

Some of the finest wines from the Abruzzo region of Italy

Guido Strappelli has been recognized by several of the most reputable wine publications and associations including Decanter Magazine and the Italian Sommelier Association for producing some of the most pure, authentic, and best overall examples of wine varietals native to the Abruzzo region of Italy.


Marchese Volante

A sophisticated twist on sparkling wine

Named after a historical Italian race car driver and primary contributor to Maserati's early success who once owned these vineyards in Abruzzo, Marchese Volante brings a sophisticated twist to sparkling wine as we know them. This brand was recently developed by Guido Strappelli after he purchased this famous vineyard in the Teramo province of Abruzzo situated between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso mountain range. 


Torre Zeda

You shouldn't have to wait for a special occasion to drink great wine

Torre Zeda was created with the intention of introducing high quality, single varietal wines from Abruzzo, Italy at a reasonable price point. The wines of Torre Zeda are perfect for everyday drinking but also have the ability to age. These vineyards are situated in the Teramo province of Abruzzo.


Experience real Italian Wines


Tenuta Rottensteiner

Showcasing the elegance & structure of the alpine region of Alto Adige

Elegance and drinkability are at the forefront of these wines. Along with this, the typicity of the wine, the expression of the variety & terroir is clear and recognizable. The vines here grow on a red rock called "porphyry" typical to this area. 


Hic et Nunc

The Wonder of Simplicity & the Valor of Excellence

"Hic et Nunc", from the Latin "Here and Now" because "Here", in Monferrato (Piedmont, Italy) is where they have decided to start growing vines, not anywhere else. And they have decided to do it "Now". Their belief is in the care of the vineyards and the attention to their native grapes.


Fielding Hills

At Fielding Hills, we believe a glass of wine takes you on a journey. With one sip, the unique story of its land and its people unfold.

Combining a long rich history in agriculture with an equally enduring passion for the winemaking process, owner/founding winemaker Mike Wade and winemaker Tyler Armour produce limited quantities of hand-crafted wines.


Pietro Beconcini

Wines of Tradition. Wines of Innovation.

There are two fundamental rules in my work, consistency with past decisions, and humility in the process of a continuing desire to learn. These values often contradict each other: the increase in knowledge impels me to make changes that faithfulness to the direction already taken would prevent.


I strongly believe that finding the correct balance between these two principles and paying close attention to our environment and to the vines we grow, will allow us to enjoy the finest possible growth for our winery.


Forteto della Luja

One of the finest producers of dessert wine in the world.

“The vineyards of Loazzolo are so difficult and steep that here
I heard the earth talking, through the vineyards, to the sky:
by drinking the wine of these vineyards we can get closer to the gods”

Luigi Veronelli

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